Smiled a goodbye to the man she
loved the most
Left her heart ruthlessly at the
airport door
She found the exit Never found the way out


Final Attempt!!

So, this is my final shot at writing blog about my life.. I have wrote and attempted many blog writing earlier as well but all of them just got failed due some reason or the other.. now I have committed to my self that I’ll be keeping track about whats happening in my life and what should be done. Been reading books since quite long time it made feel that I should give it a thought to write something too.. about the events that are constantly taking place in my life.

I am feeling so inspiring right that I just couldn’t tell.. eeepp!! 

being away from social media is so calming I cant tell that even hahaha.. 

I am at that phase of my life where I have nothing at all and still smiling joyfully about it.. because I believe amazing things will happen and the super best thing is that I’ll make them happen just for me and just to show the world.. that I don’t need there love and support I’ve been loner throughout my life.. I am loner right now.. and will be loner wanderer always..I knowIts been very lame..flat journey till now.. but I promise someday I’ll be there where I always wanted to be. 

so with these promising note I am signing off for the day!!.

will write more sooon!!